Humanity. Dragons. Decimation - The Lord of the Dragons Story

If we were to find that our time on this earth was nearing its end and death was staring us down with its stony gaze, would we be able to change our behaviours to avoid our demise? Would we want to?

Or would we make the most of whatever time we had left amongst the rubble of once great cities, to love, laugh and live in all the planet has left to offer, taking its final resources and forcing our species one step closer to its inevitable conclusion? The latter was the choice made by those in power at the end of the 21st century. They chose to lead us to continue to fight amongst ourselves for the last remaining resources, which declined more with each day that passed, until, there was almost nothing left.

So obsessed by our own fight for survival, little did we know we were being watched closely for decades. The dragons watched us as we decimated the world, with pollution, war, greed and unsustainable, unrelenting consumption. The dragons remained in the shadows, building huge underground cities as their numbers grew, waiting for the time where they would no longer let our decisions impact the planet. Little did we know, they were not the biggest threat to our survival. We had already created that which would have ultimately killed us if they had not intervened the minute we began creating Artificial Intelligence.

But before AI reached its peak, when humanity was at its weakest after war, poverty and decimation, the humans began to report sightings of the dragons. At first they were put down to hallucinations, unclear footage and strange but explainable events. Poeple were mocked for saying they saw such things. But we did not see what was right in front of our eyes until then too many people started to just disappear. As the dragons cut off our last remaining communications they plunged us into silence. That was when they came for what was left of our species.

Those that were left fought back, but our guns and weapons did little to them. As the tables turned, those that remained free were now left to hide in the shadows, fearful of what would happen to them if they were caught. Now the dragons ruled the world, they built huge marble cities above ground as they relentlessly hunted and imprisoned what was left of humanity.

The world is a very different place to that which it once was. Our world was now theirs.